Hindu Kush Himalayan Region
Considering the strategic importance of Hindu Kush Himalayas it becomes essential to undertake the study of the 2nd largest glacier the Gangotri glaciers as a pilot project. This project aims to study the climatological effects such as temperature variation, precipitation, snow cover observation etc. Also considering the human habitation and anthropogenic activities based on principally Hindu religion and tourism, it is essential to study the behavioral responses of glaciers with the advancement of time against climate change. Remote sensing images and manual survey will provide basic data for the study related to snow cover, behavioral responses of glaciers and seismological monitoring. Also this project will conduct the study of the river Bhagirathi for pollution and mineral resources. This will give a new dimension to assess climatological effects on the natural resources in that particular glacier. The results and analysis will demonstrate the effect of climate change on Gangotri glacier and this study will help to understand the climatological responses of the glacier.

Polar ice caps
This study mainly concentrate on variations in thickness of ice sheet and the extent of snow cover in the glaciers of Northern and Southern Hemispheres and also thickness, area and altitude of Arctic and Antarctic Ice Sea ice during summers and winters.