Energy Conservation

We the people on the earth are gifted with wonderful energy sources by the nature, which has made our routine much smoother & easier. However, this gift of the nature is 'limited '. What we have done is, with the growth of science & technology, we have started using it extremely, because of which the energy resources are going to finish in near future. The increasing demand for power with rapidly increasing population has led to considerable fossil fuels burning which has in turn had an adverse impact on environment. In this context, efficient use of energy and its conservation is of vital importance. Energy should be conserved since we are consuming very large amount of energy and that day is not far when all our Non-Renewable resources will run out forcing us to rely just on Renewable Sources. The electricity that we use comes from nuclear power, coal power plants, Oil that we use to run our vehicles are fossil fuels that were created million of years ago from decaying plants. When burned they emit many pollutant gases which is harmful to humans and the environment. Energy conservation helps us to save money, mitigates the several adverse environmental and social impacts associated with energy production and consumption.